Blue Planet - How Teaching Turns into Action

Jayne Black is a preschool teacher certified with Project WET. Today, she is an environmental educator, taking on the responsibility of educating and empowering the next generation of water stewards. 

Last week, we introduced you to preschool educator, Jayne Black. This week, we're introducing you to one of our most popular activities: Blue Planet.

“You can tell children the earth is made up of 71% water, but they have no way of truly understanding that. This activity really hit home how powerful this curriculum is. That's a huge concept for a child to understand, but they got it. And now they're never going to forget it.” 

After Jayne's class has gone through the lesson, parents tell her stories of their children coming home and proclaiming,

"We have to take care of our earth! We have to help not pollute our water!"

Project WET is currently fundraising for 2022 campaign: Inspire the Next Generation of Water Stewards. We’re asking you to help teachers like Jayne Black educate our future generations, creating a sustainable future for all. Supporting Project WET means you’re investing in the future of your community and the planet by educating students to understand the importance of water and conservation. When you give before December 31, 2022, your donation is doubled thanks to our supporters at Alkaviva.

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