Project WET’s mission worldwide includes ActionEducation™, educational methods that empower learners to take action for water and can lead to sustainable solutions for community water resource issues.


What does ActionEducation™ look like?

  • Students initiating a school recycling project.

  • Schools partnering with local businesses to install drip irrigation in a school garden.

  • Teachers and students working together to restore a severely eroded creek bank.

  • An after-school club organizes stream monitoring to determine the best location for a path at a local park.

  • Any other actions that can be taken locally to raise awareness or address water issues.

Many Project WET activities and resources include an ActionEducation™ component. For example, a Project WET activity on stormwater outlines how students can stencil stormwater drains to remind community members that their storm water drains into local waterways. Or, after participating in an activity on water conservation, students may decide to conduct a school or home water audit and suggest ways to reduce water use. In developing countries, teachers using Project WET materials to help students understand the relationship between effective hand washing and disease prevention can fashion a "tippy tap" hand-washing station for their school or home. offers many ideas for individuals, classrooms, organizations and even families to take action for water.

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