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Lynne Richard

Watershed Education and Outreach Manager, Lake Auburn Watershed Protection Commission

Lynne Richard, Project WET MaineAfter nearly 20 years teaching middle school (during which she was first trained in Project WET in the 1990s), Lynne Richard left the classroom to manage education and outreach programs for the largest water utilities in Maine. To accomplish the goals of educating about all things water-related using effective, engaging methods, she relies on Project WET as one of her go-to tools.

Lynne became Maine’s Project WET Coordinator in 2005, has had the pleasure of serving on the Coordinators’ Council and is currently on the Conference Planning WETTeam. She finds it truly inspiring to work with the terrific people associated with WET.

Lynne lives on a lake in Maine, where she enjoys kayaking, boating, birding and being a nature nut. Last year, she tried downhill skiing and loved it. She has been married for 28 years to the most patient man in the world. She's a cat person, and her cats CiCi and Monkey make her laugh every day.

Meet Lynne:

How long have you been a WET coordinator? Almost 10 years! I was trained in Project WET in Connecticut in the late 80’s or early 90’s (hard to remember back that far!).

What’s your favorite thing about doing WET workshops? Meeting great educators who “get” the need for environmental education.

Give a quote from a recent workshop. During a Saturday workshop for pre-service teachers, I got this comment: “We were all dreading this. But it’s been amazing!"

Can you share a funny story related to WET activities? One time, early in my use of WET, I tried to add a cube to Incredible Journey. I didn’t realize how complex and accurate the activity is—I ended up with  kids demonstrating all sorts of things that don’t actually happen; seas flowing into rivers, precipitation into groundwater—it was a mess. I came away with a deepened respect for the originators of IJ. 

What is your favorite WET activity? I am constantly amazed at the versatility of Incredible Journey. You can teach so many concepts with that fun activity!

Tell us about a promotion, grant award, press or other recognition you’ve received in the last few months. I just received word that I was approved for two grants that I wrote this summer—one is for $264K to do erosion projects in the watershed. Of course education is included, and I’ll use WET for that!

Something we don’t know about you.  I was born in Scotland and have lots of family there.

Interviewed October 2014

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