WaterStar logo PNGHave you used the Clean and Conserve Education Program …

  • …with students in a classroom?
  • …with Girl or Boy Scout troops?
  • …for church youth groups?
  • …at a water festival or expo?
  • …at work?
  • …in your own home with your family?

That makes you—and the people you’ve helped learn—WaterStars!

The WaterStar recognition program encourages students and educators to contribute to a positive water future by learning about water and taking appropriate local action.

Meet the WaterStars

Ashley Satterfield of MarylandAshley Satterfield (USA)

In her fifth summer as director of the Howard County Conservancy (HCC) nature camps in central Maryland, Ashley Satterfield has been using Clean and Conserve in HCC’s camps and “School’s Out” program. She says that Clean and Conserve complements other activities, encouraging campers to learn through hands-on methods such as hiking, experiments, stories and nature exploration.

Joseph Dabuo of GhanaJoseph Dabuo (Ghana)

After downloading the Clean and Conserve materials and taking the online trainings, Joseph Dabuo held a series of workshops in Ghana. He chose the specific region because of its lack of safe water, inadequate sanitation facilities and high rates of waterborne illness.

Jamice Obianyo of Ecolab with kids in MexicoJamice Obianyo (USA)

Thanks to Clean and Conserve, Jamice Obianyo has hundreds of new “nieces and nephews” around the world. And thanks to WaterStar Jamice Obianyo, all of those kids—plus hundreds of thousands of other children and adults—have been able to learn about water conservation and hygiene through the Clean and Conserve program.

Supriya Khound of IndiaSupriya Khound (India)

Supriya Khound is an environmentalist, women's rights activist and social entrepreneur who promotes organic farming from her home in Assam, India. Supriya has educated more than 1,000 children using Clean and Conserve.


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