Water education inspires cleanup in Rio de Janeiro

Participants in the Action Day in Rio gathered trash for proper disposal to protect Rio's water.As part of the ongoing Rio Water & Education Program, residents of the community of Salgueiro recently completed a cleanup day to protect the waters of Rio de Janeiro, currently in the international spotlight as one of the Brazilian cities hosting the World Cup.

Organized by Denise Veira dos Santos—our partner in the community of Salgueiro and an environmental educator with the “Agentes Ambiental” (Environment Agents), an education group with the Secretary of the Environment—the cleanup day brought together about two dozen children and other community members as well as the trash department of the city of Rio and local businesses.

Workers from the city's trash department, Comlurb, helped by taking away the collected refuse.

Project WET was an official partner of the "Action Day", which reflects our emphasis on ActionEducation(TM), when water education and awareness inspire people to take action to protect and conserve the water in their own community.

The participants gathered numerous bags of trash for proper disposal as well as arranging for the city trash department, Comlurb, to pick up large items like discarded refrigerators. At the end of the day, a famous dancer visited the event to perform for participants.

About two dozen children and other community members took part in the Action Day.

Another cleanup day is scheduled for July.

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