Transboundary organization canoes to work to support Project WET in Canada

ICJ staff have pledged to canoe to work to raise money for water education in CanadaIJC staff have pledged to canoe to work along Ottawa's Rideau canal to raise money for water education in Canada Staff from the Ottawa office of the International Joint Commission (IJC) raised more than $3,000 to support water education in Canada in a whole “canoe” way.

From August 4th through 7th, the staffers commuted to work by canoe, along Ottawa’s Rideau Canal.Since they met their fundraising goal of $2,000 to donate to the Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA)—the organization that sponsors Project WET activities in Canada—they did the whole commute by canoe, including portaging the canoes to their offices, wearing business suits.

IJC Engineering Advisor and canoe commuter Dr. Wayne Jenkinson explained why IJC staff is so passionate about water education:

“The IJC has for more than 100 years worked to prevent and resolve disputes between Canada and the US on water-related issues, and we rely on participation from local residents to help identify and work to resolve these issues. We feel that it’s critically important that people be aware of their local water issues, both related to quantity and quality, and that people feel connected to their watersheds and to understand their relationship with them. Project WET provides a valuable service, giving teachers tools to help students understand the fundamentals of water science and to explore their own relationship with water. It’s our pleasure to support Project WET.”

CWRA and Project WET Canada are using the funds raised to develop new course materials for teachers in English and French. Funds are also being used to run workshops to train teachers and plan classroom activities that will promote water awareness and investigating water issues in Canada.

Animated Google Earth simulation of the commute route:

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